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MCFPD: Protecting Mid County Since 1950

For more than 70 years, the fire and emergency crews of Mid County Fire Protection District have pledged to protect homes, businesses, and residents. The District spans North County, providing fire suppression, emergency response, educational resources, and permit oversight in Greendale, Hanley Hills, Hillsdale, Pagedale, Vinita Park, Wellston, and other unincorporated St. Louis County sections.

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Originally called the Wellston Grove Volunteer Fire Department, Wellston Fire Protection District incorporated on March 31, 1950, following a vote of the residents authorizing the formation of a District. Operating out of the firehouse at 1535 Wellston Ave. The district opened a second firehouse at 7020 Pages in 1953. The firehouse at 1535 Wellston Ave. was eventually replaced by a larger facility at 1550 Lucas and Hunt Rd.

The Circuit Court of St. Louis County on April 18, 1984, approved the change of the name from Wellston Fire Protection District to Mid-County Fire Protection District. In 1985, the District closed both firehouses and constructed a new firehouse at 1875 Pennsylvania Ave. This resulted in operations being consolidated into one centralized location.

The District currently covers 4.5 square miles and serves the communities of Greendale, Hanley Hills, Hillsdale, Pagedale, Vinita Park, Wellston, and parts of unincorporated St. Louis County. The District employs 16 full-time personnel manning an Advanced Life Support Rescue Pumper. The District serves approximately 15,000 residents, with an average emergency response to over 3,000 calls for service  per year.

Meet the Fire Chief

Fire Chief Randell Sanders leads a team of 16 firefighters and paramedics. Chief Sanders is a member of the St. Louis County Fire Academy's Board of Directors and an active member of the Metropolitan Fire Marshals Association (MFMA). Randy has been employed at Mid County for over 25 years. He started in 1998, was promoted to captain in 2009, and then Fire Chief in 2023. Randy has also served as the District Medical Officer, Training officer, and President of North County Training during his tenure. Randy remains active in North County Training and St. Louis County Special Operations.

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