Smoke Detector Program
Smoke Detectors save lives.
Be Sure to replace your battery and test your equipment.
Contact us to learn more about our Smoke Detector Program available to all District residents.

Smoke detectorWhat to do in an Emergency?

  1. Stay Calm! Stop, Think, then Act.
  2. Stop! Survey the scene.
    Ensure your own safety! If you are in danger, get help!
  3. Think! Get professional help.
    Call 9-1-1. Do not hang up! Stay on the line. Try to remain calm and give the "Where?", "Who?", & "What?".
  4. Act! Assess the victim.
    Have the victim lie still. Tap on the shoulder and shout , "Are you okay?". If they answer ask them where they hurt and what happened. If they do not answer begin emergency care of checking airways and CPR.


Building Inspection and Fire Permits
Building Inspections, Fire Safety Permits, and Occupancy Permits are all provided as a service by Mid-County to all District residents. Enusre your safety and the safety of your family, friend, or customers. Contact us today to schedule your inspection or to learn more.

Download Application for Building Permit

First aid kitCPR Training
As an ongoing Community Service, Mid-County FPD offers
individualized CPR training. For information please contact the Fire House and ask to speak with the Medical Officer.

rsanders [at] midcountyfpd [dot] org

Emergency Medical Services
Provided through Christan Hospital EMS.  Serving 24 hours per day!